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Perfume and aftershave lotion




If you're flying and want to bring carry-on baggage on board the aircraft, you should be familiar with the restrictions on what items are allowed in carry-on baggage.

While the “cabin baggage allowance” varies depending on the airline you fly with, this applies to the items you can take in your carry-on baggage and the items you are not allowed to take on board the plane! Airport security is of paramount importance around the world today and restricting what you can and cannot take in your carry-on luggage on board an aircraft is practically standard at all airports.

Useful travel accessories for your hand luggage:

If you intend to take a bag on board the aircraft, you must ensure that it complies with the applicable regulations. Airports and airlines have specific rules and regulations about how much liquid you can carry in your carry-on baggage and what items are allowed on board the aircraft.

Remember that rules apply to everyone and if you believe you are an exception to these rules and attempt to bring items on board that are not permitted you will be stopped and confiscated. These rules and regulations are for your own safety and if you follow them you will have no trouble going through security.

If you're traveling with checked baggage, you should try to pack all of your liquids, gels, lotions and sharps in your checked baggage. With the rise of airlines charging additional fees for "checked baggage", a large number of passengers are now traveling with only "hand baggage". The result of this is simply that passengers try to pack as much as possible in their hand luggage and this often results in them taking things they shouldn't!

Many people have doubts about what they can take in hand luggage and therefore ask: "What can you take in hand luggage?"

This page has been created to provide a quick reference and overview of some of the most frequently asked questions about what you can take in your carry-on baggage on board an aircraft:


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You can take liquids with you in your hand luggage.

Yes, you can take liquids and gels in your hand luggage, but there are restrictions on how much you can take in each container and each container cannot exceed 100ml. A large number of different travel bottle kits are now available, ranging from regular clear bottles to squeezable, leak-proof silicone bottles. The travel bottle kits are all specially designed for traveling and passing through airport security in your carry-on and carry-on luggage. Listed below are just a few of the best selling travel bottle kits currently on the market that meet airport liquid safety regulations.


You can take groceries with you in your hand luggage

Grocery is one of those things that people are still a bit unsure about when it comes to getting through airport security and boarding the plane in carry-on luggage. Groceries such as sandwiches and snacks, snacks and biscuits can usually be carried in hand luggage. Some groceries are not allowed in and out of certain countries and it is advisable to check with the country you are visiting if you intend to transport other types of groceries.

You can take sweets with you in your hand luggage

Yes, candy is generally fine as long as it's not liquid. However, some airports may require candy to be sealed before going through security.


You can take electrical devices with you in your hand luggage

Yes, you can take electronic devices with you in your hand luggage. However, some electrical products can be heavy and if you are only traveling with carry-on luggage, consider the weight they will take up.

Watch: All electrical devices must be charged prior to travel in case you are asked to plug in any of your devices. If they are not charged and you cannot turn them on when prompted, you will not be able to take them on board the aircraft.

You can take hair dryers with you in your hand luggage

Yes, hair dryers can be packed and taken on board the aircraft as carry-on baggage.

You can take hair straighteners with you in your hand luggage

Yes, you can take hair straighteners on board in your hand luggage.

Watch: All “Gas” powered appliances must be fitted with a safety cover at all times. It is not permitted to take separate gas cartridges on board.

You can take laptops with you in your hand luggage

Yes, laptops can be taken on board in carry-on baggage, but you must ensure your laptop is charged prior to travel in case you are asked to turn it on at airport security.

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Which care products can I take with me in my hand luggage?

The question is rather: Which body care products do you want to use?

Remember that you can only take one bottle up to 100ml in your hand luggage!

The crazy thing is when you go on vacation you can usually buy most toiletries at the destination you are traveling to. If you are checking checked baggage, you should try to pack all of your toiletries in your checked baggage. If you're only traveling with hand luggage try to keep the weight down and the toiletries only add to the weight of your suitcase! If possible, only pack the essentials you will need upon arrival, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.

Yes, I know you might want to pack your favorite perfumes, conditioners, aftershaves, moisturizers and lotions, but unfortunately there are strict regulations about bringing liquids in your hand luggage, so you can only take bottles up to 100ml. If you insist on taking your favorite fragrances with you, you'll have to transfer them to cabin-sized 100ml bottles.

Scissors: Small scissors with blades no more than 6 cm. You can also use scissors without rounded tips.

Nail clippers and nail file


Solution for contact lenses up to 100ml

You can take condoms in your hand luggage

Yes, it is perfectly normal to pack condoms in your hand luggage and take them on board the plane.

You can take razors with you in your hand luggage

Yes, you can carry a disposable or fixed cartridge razor.

You can take toothpaste in your hand luggage

Yes, you can bring toothpaste in your carry-on baggage, but you must not exceed the 100ml “Liquids and Gels” limit. Many of the toothpaste manufacturers now offer travel-size toothpaste that conforms to "carry-on" regulations.

Carry make-up in hand luggage

You can take lipstick with you in your hand luggage


Yes, lipstick is normally classified as a "solid" beauty product and is not restricted as a liquid. However, it doesn't hurt to keep your lipstick in a clear, sealed bag when going through security.

You can take mascara in your hand luggage

Yes, you can take mascara in your hand luggage, but if it is liquid mascara, you can only take mascara in a container that does not exceed 100 ml.

Perfume and aftershave lotion

You can carry perfume in your hand luggage

Yes, but it must not be larger than 100ml, a good idea is to use an atomizer.

You can take aftershave with you in your hand luggage

Yes, you can take aftershave in your carry-on baggage, but aftershave is classified as a liquid and you must comply with applicable liquid restrictions. This means you cannot take a single container that exceeds 100ml.


You can take medication with you in your hand luggage.

Yes, you can bring "essential" medication on board in your carry-on baggage and this may exceed the 100ml liquid limit, provided you have documentation from your doctor to assist you in transporting the medication. Medications may need to be tracked separately.

Important medicines for your trip are:


Cooling Gel Packs - If the check is successful

pills and capsules

Liquid medicine over 100 ml if the test is successful

hypodermic syringes

Medical devices and machines such as TENS and CPAP machines

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Watch:If you need to travel with oxygen cylinders, you must contact your airline prior to travel.

You can take pills in your hand luggage

Yes, pills and capsules can be taken on board in hand luggage.

You can take lighters with you in your hand luggage.

No, you are not allowed to carry lighters in your hand luggage. However, you can take a single lighter with you, but it must be kept in a sealed plastic bag and carried with you at all times.

Can you take glass in hand luggage?

Carrying glass in carry-on luggage is not well documented under "Not Allowed" items and this is a gray area for many travelers. Most people don't want to pack glassware in their luggage for fear of crushing it in transit, which is totally understandable. However, the problem is:

Which glasses would you like to take with you in your hand luggage and what type of glass is it?

The other question is:Do you really have to take it?

Some airport security may agree and others may not! The same goes for airlines and I think the best advice is that if you absolutely must take a glass item with you, you check with the airport you are flying from and also the airline you are flying with to make sure they have the Pick up is ok.

You can take jewelry with you in your hand luggage

Most jewelry can be taken on board in your carry-on baggage, but some jewelry may be considered "dangerous". Sharp or pointed objects of certain lengths may be considered dangerous and may be confiscated, and you should make a best-informed decision about which jewelry to take in your carry-on baggage. Items such as watches, necklaces, bracelets should be fine, but if you intend to pack a brooch with a long, sharp pin or a ring that looks more like a feather duster then you can expect to be questioned by security! Also, ask yourself whether or not you need to bring your jewelry, especially if it's expensive. Walking through foreign lands with expensive jewelry can make you an easy target for burglars!

You can take aerosol with you in your hand luggage

No, aerosols are not allowed in hand luggage. However, some aerosols purchased at the airport or from an airline can be taken on board the aircraft in carry-on baggage.

We hope this short guide is useful and helps answer your questions. However, if you need more information, you can visit the following government page:https://www.gov.uk/hand-luggage-restrictions/overviewwhich give a deeper overview and deal with the question: What can you pack in your hand luggage?

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