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Nikko Jenkins is damnedserial killerwho was sentenced to death for four murders in Omaha in 2014Nebraska Correctional Facility. Since his conviction, there has been an ongoing debate among the mental health professionals who have studied Jenkins as to whether or not he has a mental illnessDeath Penalty Information Centre.

court documentspublished by the DPIC show that some psychiatrists say he has undoubtedly suffered from at least one serious mental illness, and has had it since childhood. Others say he fakes it to avoid the death sentence, and he learned as a child that voices or hallucinations were blamed for his behavior to get him out of trouble.

The debate over whether Jenkins is competent is central to whether the state can carry out the death penalty. As it is now, he's still on death row. According to theOmaha World HeraldJenkins has been drugged for the past two years, but his attorney says it's wrong to drug him to make him competent enough for the state to kill him.

The murders of Nikko Jenkins were a family affair

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In 2003, Nikko Jenkins turned 10 years oldJailfor two armed robberies since he was 15, according to thisAssociated Press.

Just eleven days after his release in 2013, he shot and killed Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz after luring them with the help of his cousin and sister, who pretended to have sex with the men as prostitutes. ,court documentssay. Both men were shot in the head with shotguns and had their wallets stolen.

Eight days later, Jenkins and her sister, Erica Jenkins, killed an acquaintance named Curtis Bradford. According to the indictment, "as soon as they got to the spot where he was murdered... [Jenkins' sister] shot him once in the head. And then Jenkins said, that's how you do it, and used a shotgun with a deer snail..." (Erica was also convicted).

Then, just two days later, Jenkins killed a bartender named Andrea Kruger. According to court documents, Kruger was driving home from work on the night of August 21, 2013, when Jenkins, her uncle, sister, and a cousin robbed her. The prosecutor alleged that Jenkins pulled her out of his truck so he could have the vehicle to "rob or kidnap other people."

Jenkins shot Kruger four times in the head, neck and back and then stole his car.

Nikko Jenkins' troubles began when he was just a 7-year-old boy.

Jenkins' family involved in crimes with him was nothing out of the ordinary. AfterKETV of Omaha, the extended Jenkins family counts seven criminals, including both of his parents.

One of Lori Jenkins and David Magee's six siblings, Nikko began showing violent tendencies and possible mental illness in elementary school.people pillreported that Jenkins brought a loaded .25 caliber handgun to school at the age of 7.

court recordssays when Jenkins was 8 years old, his mother took him to the hospital "for allegations of self-harm and increasing aggression toward others." He was admitted and stayed there for 11 days. The psychiatrist Dr. Jane Dahlke examined him and diagnosed him with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Dahlke testified in court that at the time Jenkins was hearing voices telling her to steal and had other auditory hallucinations. She said she would see "black spirits" and have nightmares of her father shooting her mother.

According to People Pill, Jenkins stopped attending school regularly at age 11, the same age he was kicked out of a group home for repeated violence. At the age of 13 he attacked someone with a knife. At the age of 15 he was convicted of two armed robberies and remained imprisoned until 2013 when he was released and went on a killing spree.

Nikko Jenkins says an Egyptian snake god gives him orders

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One of the voices that has stuck with him, according to Nikko Jenkins, is that ofEgyptian snake god, Apophis: a god representing evil, chaos, darkness and destructionMythology.

According to Jenkinsnow ex-wife, Chalonda Jenkins, Nikko told him that Apophis bossed him around and he had heard about the Egyptian snake god since childhood. Chalonda told himKETV 7Her then-husband told her: "It was just that voice saying, 'If you do what I tell you, if you do what I ask, then I will make sure you are safe and I will make sure that you're safe 'are okay.'" ."

Jenkins admitted to the shootings in 2013 and pleaded not guilty in court, but loudlycourt documents, he claimed it was Apophis who told him to do it. Jenkins said, "It wasn't premeditated. The demonic power led me to them and to the other victims.”

AfterThe Guardian NGand theOmaha World HeraldIn prison, Jenkins cut off his penis and tongue to make it look more like a snake to pay homage to Apophis. Then he smeared blood all over his cell. It took 27 stitches to fix his penis and nine to fix his tongue.

Nikko Jenkins has been diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses

Largocourt recordsDocumenting the findings of various psychiatrists and psychologists on Nikko Jenkins after assessing his mental health, assessments that have continued for decades. In 2009, a doctor diagnosed Jenkins with "unspecified psychosis" and bipolar disorder.

Another settled on an "Axis I" diagnosis of schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder. dr Bruce D. Gutnik has examined Jenkins many times over the years since 2011 and diagnosed him with "Schizophrenia, Continuing, Severe."

When Gutnik saw Jenkins again in November 2013, he stuck to his original diagnosis and now said Jenkins had "schizophrenia versus schizoaffective disorder, depressive type and rules out an unspecified personality disorder". Gutnik saw Jenkins again in May 2014, then again in April and December 2015, and again in June 2016. The doctor claimed the convict was psychotic.

According to court documents, Gutnik said the evidence of this psychosis was that Jenkins performed multiple mutilations on his own penis, saying that a person "would have to be quite disconnected and psychotic not to be able to respond to this level of pain." "

But Jenkins is no stranger to self-harm. AfterABC 6, a lawyer told them that Jenkins' suicide attempts in prison by this point must be in the double digits. In March 2019, he cut his eye and neck on a sharp tile he ripped off the wall. On another occasion, he attempted to cut his own throat.

Several psychiatrists believe Jenkins is faking insanity

While Gutnik and a few other psychiatrists and psychologists have diagnosed Jenkins with various mental illnesses, others claim that he is faking or faking. Although they state that he has certain mental disorders, they do not believe he has reached the level of serious mental illness that would render him incapacitated and therefore unfit to be sentenced to death.

for himcourt document, "There is no doubt that Jenkins displayed abnormal behavior. But several experts believed she was faking.

The document goes on to list 10 psychiatrists who say he doesn't have a "serious mental illness" or whatever mental health problem he has, it's not psychosis but something like an antisocial personality disorder that exhibits "narcissistic and borderline traits." contains . but they believe "it simulated other symptoms".

Psychiatrist Y. Scott Moore believes that all of Jenkins' symptoms were fabricated and have been since childhood when she learned to "use fantasy stories to try to explain her behavior and not be blamed for it."

Whether Jenkins is considered runnable is currently a matter of debate, as theOmaha World Heraldreported that the state's supply of lethal injectable drugs ran out in 2018 and they had taken no steps to replace them.


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