House plans with roof terrace - (2023)

Design of a one-story house with four bedrooms and a roof terrace

6 beautiful house designs with a roof terrace (plans included)

Building a one-story, four-bedroom home for your lot requires a minimum of 40 feet of frontage and 70 feet of depth. The modern look of this concept is really trendy design today. The combination of dark colors and brick accents or textured walls suits this home very well.

Entering through the main door you would walk through the 5.5 meter garage with space for two cars. Opening the main entrance you enter the living room but you pass through the bedroom with dressing room and bathroom and bathroom en suite.

Design house 1217 with 4 bedrooms roof terrace

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House plans with roof terrace

House plans with roof terrace.The way we look at the roof of a building is slowly starting to change as more and more buildings of all types feature beautiful gardens, terraces and even pools on their roofs. It's a wonder when you think about why we humans didn't use this space sooner.

  • Design ideas for roof terraces

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Yes, three story house plans can actually be a very practical option, especially if you're working with a tight lot.

Roofed house plans. FLOOR PLAN SHOP Worldwide floor plan shop. The overall design is very impressive. The roof terrace offers outdoor living without the need for a large plot of land.

Some of the plans have a roof terrace accessed from the second floor via a porch or room below. When space allows, divide and conquer. The approximate final budget for this home is 40,000 while the beautifully finished budget is 80,000.

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The beams make it possible to build a flat roof terrace on pitched roofs. Drive-through skylights help diffuse light into the home while creating a unique outdoor aesthetic. You can also use this design to express your strong sense of style.

The total area is 177 square meters excluding the roof terrace. At Southern Cottages we offer several house plans with roof terraces. Baby Nursery Small Modern House Plans Flat Roof Floor Home Design Dog Deck Archite Best Contemporary.

Beach Style Irish Seaside Roof Terrace by San Go By Flagg Coastal Homes. 21 Best Simple 3 Story House Plans With Roof Terrace Ideas Maryanne One Story Roof Terrace Shd 2015025 Pinoy Eplans Tiny House Design One Story House Bungalow House Plans The entrance.

Direct the flow of traffic while maximizing the use of your rooftop space by strategically grouping different types of seating. April 10, 2014 The exterior surface of the roof of a house or building. Rooftop metal patio idea.

+ House plans with roof terrace

House plans with roof terrace - (1)

Below are the top 7 pictures from the collection of top 13 house plans with roof terrace pictures in high resolution. This 1,100-square-foot rooftop garden project breathes new life into an old five-story 1850's brownstone, complete with seating, planters, a canopy, and an outdoor shower.

Landscaped Terrace and Minimalist Garden Terrace Roof Design Minimalist House Design 3 story house design

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modern and contemporary roof terrace designs

Having a place where you can rest and take a good look around would undoubtedly be a great thing. That is why it is ideal to have an outdoor accommodation. It can be a seating area under a pergola, a gazebo, a simple bench in the garden, or even a porch, terrace or patio. Any of these locations could offer you a place to breathe fresh air and see the wide open sky. That would be a relaxing sight that can make the whole working day stress-free.

We have already shown someHouses with a terraceand you took a closer look at those tooTerrassendesigns. So let us show you another set of patio designs today.

On this occasion these terraces are on the roof. These are also called roof terraces or patios.

For this collection we will show youroof terracewith modern and contemporary designs. Check them out as you scroll down the page.

roof terrace

With an outdoor fireplace, teak furniture, planters, and hardwood floors, this rooftop deck is so beautiful.

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Russian Hill

Check out this view! A view of both the city and the mountains and the sky will undoubtedly make you love life even more. This modern patio is also well designed with a modern outdoor fire pit.

next to modern park

Wood has certainly been used creatively in this space. The neat arrangement of the wooden planks creates a tidy and tidy impression.

Modern private residence roof garden

roof terrace

Bay Shore's unit

azotea vancouver

Oasis on the roof

What is included in these plans?

  • Each sheet set is drawn to A4 scale and includes the following drawings:
  • Elevations - Shows the front, sides, and back, including exterior materials, panel sizes, roof pitches, etc.
  • Main Floor Plan - Shows the location and dimensions of walls, doors, and windows. Includes location of appliances, plumbing fixtures, joists, ceiling heights, etc.
  • Second Floor Plan - Shows the second floor in the same detail as the ground floor. Includes second floor structure and details.
  • Foundation or slab plan: floor and deck beam sizes, spacing and direction, tentative installation location, mechanical equipment locations, electrical locations
  • Roof Frame - Shows the contours of the roof, all rafter and header heights and positions, all crests, gables, ridges and valleys.
  • Section: Shows a cross-section of the house. Displays floor joist size and spacing, floor-to-floor heights, and atypical slab heights
  • Electrical Plan: A schematic layout of all lights, switches, and outlets.
  • Typical wall and cross section

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House plans with roof terrace

Obviously your roof is the deck which is made of cement, gravel and sand and waterproofing making it the roof terrace. 21 Best Simple 3 Story House Plans With Roof Deck Ideas

Rommell Modern Single Story House with Roofing Pinoy Eplans Single Story House Small House Design Simple house design

Brilliant and inspiring roof terrace design ideas

7.95m x 9.0m 2 floors with roof terrace Contemporary house design idea

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A house or apartment that has a roof terrace can offer many possibilities, including incredible views. There are many different styles that you can use to decorate your outdoor space. Add some gardens, a fireplace, lounge furniture and even a dining area. This area can be used for relaxing and entertaining and offers you many options. If you have an area surrounded by nature, your space should be relaxing, think romantic candlelit dinners and fairy lights.

If you are in an urban jungle, the city lights will dazzle your outdoor space. A wood deck adds to your outdoor aesthetic, add some furniture, a built-in fireplace or fire pit, and you have a rooftop oasis. Check out some fantastic ideas belowAnd don't forget to let us know which one inspired you the most and why in the comments below!

1. This fabulous outdoor deck is from the 2016 Sunset Idea House. A view from the upper deck features steps leading to the fire pit area. Tall glass railings protect the windows from the elements while enjoying incredible views of San Francisco Bay. The terrace is 60 feet above the hillside.

2. Custom made steel planters add a touch of class to this gorgeous rooftop patio. Similar pots can be found in theUrbanPlanters Perfect Collection. The tables and chairs were specially designed for this roommosaic and stone.

21. A cozy seating area offers a great atmosphere thanks to the hanging lamps.

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When it comes to patio greenery, you should look for long-lived and low-maintenance plants, as some types of roof gardens can be extremely unfavorable for the environment.

House plans with roof terrace. The previous photo in the gallery is the roof terrace of the box house. Plan 81683ab Modern House with Covered Roof Terrace Plans Designs Design in Lima Impressive Large Indoor Terrace Design Ideas More than 80 Photos of Beautiful Houses Veranda 2 and this four bedroom bungalow has a total area of ​​177 square meters bungalow view not small for 12m x 20m 240 sq ft m lot size quezon city on olx rooftop arsuchismita voy. Below are the top 5 pictures from the collection of top 12 house plans with roof terrace pictures in high resolution.

Modern house plan with roof terrace three bedrooms high ceilings. There are many different styles that you can use to decorate your outdoor space. Below are 12 best collections of high resolution house plans with roof terrace pictures.

These Rooftop Terrace House Plans photos are 2000 x 1333 pixels in size. You can download and get the Rooftop Terrace House Plans photos by right-clicking on the high resolution version. The first 2 cars park on the right side of the house 5351 meters. Click on the image for a larger image size and more details.

The dining room is topped with a high ceiling and the great room and library overlook aft and access to another deck. This villa was modeled by SAM-ARCHITECT with two floors. It has 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom.

How to build a roof garden terrace design roof terrace design terrace design

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Three story floor plans with roof

Designed for a very steep block in Quinns Rocks, these three story floorplans make the most of the ocean views. Designing houses with three floors plus a roof terrace is not an easy task. With privacy regulations and height restrictions, it takes every ounce of creative energy to get such plans approved. After all, you don't see it every day.

Creating three-story floor plans requires a solid understanding of construction engineering and a lot of creative thinking. Add a roof terrace and it becomes a challenge worthy of only the most experienced and creative designers like us. If you're considering a three-story home, it makes sense to speak to Boyd today. We design across Australia.

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Discover these innovative floor plans perfect for late summer

Why should builders choose a house plan with a roof terrace? Because it offers customers a fun outdoor living space without taking up a lot of space. All of these plans feature simple, compact footprints to keep costs down. But the style factor? That's very high.

Doesn't this elegant and simple design look great in different colors and placed in a trio? This narrow lot plan would be a great millennial magnet with its modest square footage, open layout, and bold design. The roof terrace offers outdoor living without the need for a large plot of land.See more pictures, information and floor plans.

Imagine sitting on the roof terrace of this beautiful house on a clear autumn day and watching the leaves fall. Even better, this quiet space is private as it is adjacent to the master suite. There is also a terrace off the dining room on the main level for general enjoyment.See more pictures, information and floor plans.

Stunning contemporary home design

House plans with roof terrace - (2)
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This house plan showcases a traditional and modern style

The plan1042-19provides a seamless flow between the screened porch and great room.

The clean lines of this contemporary home design create a warm balance between tradition and modernity. Large windows offer beautiful views and lots of natural light. A covered porch flows seamlessly into the great room, creating a flow that emphasizes indoor/outdoor living.

Generous 2.70m ceilings add to the already spacious feel of the main level. An open dining area connects to the kitchen which includes an oversized island for casual dining and food prep. The upper floor has three more bedrooms including the master bedroom and a second level laundry room for added convenience.

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Modern house plans with outdoor living

Do you dream of the best outdoor living space? Whether it's an inviting front porch, a breezy rooftop patio, or a luxurious patio, we've got you covered with these alluring stylish outdoor space designs. While we're staying home a lot these days, there are still plenty of ways to relax and enjoy the great outdoors from your front door. We've rounded up some of our latest and most popular modern house plans with outdoor living that are sure to make you swoon. Expand your living space and bring the outdoors in with these must-have designs.

Click here to explore our collectionmodern house plans

Luxury home plans featuring a four bedroom home with a large garage and roof terrace

This contemporary style home is one of Ulrich Home's luxury home plans. It has four bedrooms and three toilets and bathrooms with a total area of ​​309 m2. Luxury home plans like this one require a minimum lot size of 2,000 square feet, regardless of size or total area.

This residential plan also features a large garage that can accommodate two family or town cars. The overall design is sleek and modern. The roof is made of galvanized iron with large spans and the terrace walls are made of glass. It is also surrounded by large windows in the living room and is open to the second floor, allowing natural light to enter the house and making the place feel much more spacious than usual.

From the porch to the main entrance, you will be greeted by thespacious living room, measuring 4.0m x 3.5m, making it a perfect size for entertaining. The hallway from the living room leads to the combined dining room and open kitchen. The dining room has an entrance to the porch, while the kitchen is connected to the service area of ​​the house.

The first bedroom is also on the ground floor. On the other side of the stairs leading to the first floor is the shared toilet and toilet.

The stairs lead to the second house of the house where the rest are locatedbedroomyou are located Luxury home plans like this offer a lot of privacy for the owner. The master bedroom has a large area of ​​4.0m x 3.5m and has an en-suite bathroom.

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