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Car Rental Booking System is a state-of-the-art online booking WordPress plugin that streamlines the management of your car rental business. First, it offers a simple and efficient booking process, complete with online payments, email and SMS notifications, integration with WooCommerce and Google services, and intuitive backend administration. Furthermore, it can support an unlimited number of locations and vehicles, making it an ideal solution to easily manage your car rental business.

Furthermore, the plugin is characterized by its extraordinary flexibility. No matter the size of your fleet, it can handle everything with ease. In addition, it offers a range of customization options such as: B. Pricing rules for different cars and dates, booking add-ons, custom vehicle attributes, custom booking form fields and much more. This allows you to customize the plugin to your specific business needs and provide your customers with a personalized experience.

Ultimately, the car rental reservation system's user-friendly interface, easy setup, and robust features make the car rental reservation system the perfect choice for anyone looking to streamline their car rental business and enhance the customer experience. .

Key Features of WordPress Car Rental Booking System

  • 100% responsive and mobile friendly.
  • High resolution and pixel accurate.
  • Google Map with active locations and vehicle availability.
  • Booking forms, reservations, vehicles, add-ons and unlimited locations.
  • Integrated with PayPal, Stripe and WooCommerce payment gateways.
  • Support for cash, bank transfer, credit card on withdrawal.
  • Google services integration.
  • Supports all world currencies.
  • Extensive pricing rules.
  • Extensive availability rules.
  • Vehicle module with attributes.
  • Email, SMS (Nexmo, Twilio), Telegram notifications.
  • Uses geolocation.
  • Coupons Discount.
  • WooCommerce integration (plugin is fully functional even without WooCommerce installed).
  • WPBakery Page Builder integration (plugin is fully functional even without WPBakery Page Builder installed).
  • Custom form field builder.
  • Custom contract builder.
  • color picker.
  • RTL (right-to-left writing system) is supported.
  • Step-based form with simple step-by-step navigation.
  • Smart sticky (floating) summary sidebar.
  • Demo content available with one-click importer.
  • Compatible with WPML, supports multilingual websites.
  • Fully translatable with .Po/ .Mo files.
  • Valid HTML5 code.
  • Compatible with multiple browsers.
  • documentation included.

WordPress rental car booking system management functions

reservation module

Displays a list of all submitted orders (bookings) in the system.

  • Browse, edit or delete submitted bookings.
  • Set transaction statuses: Pending (new), Pending (accepted), Canceled (rejected), Completed (finished), On hold, Refunded, Failed.
  • View reservation details including ID number, pick-up date and time, pick-up location, drop-off date and time, drop-off location and total order amount.
  • View billing details, including the total order amount and a detailed billing list.
  • View vehicle details including vehicle name and detailed price list.
  • See the details of reserved extras.
  • View customer information.
  • View payment information including method and deposit.

Booking forms module

With this module you can create an unlimited number of booking forms with different settings for each form. There are many options available.

General Settings
  • Search, add, edit or delete booking forms.
  • Show the identification number on the booking form.
  • Generate and copy a simple shortcode to place the form on any page.
  • Select the default reservation status for new reservations: Pending (new), In progress (accepted), Canceled (rejected), Completed (closed), On hold, Refunded, Disapproved.
  • Select the type of geolocation used. You can use client or server side.
  • Enable or disable WooCommerce to manage bookings and payments.
  • Enable or disable the ability to create a WooCommerce account and login.
  • Define whether additional days should be added to the reservation if the customer returns the vehicle after the scheduled return date. Specify the number of days to add and the number of late days after which to add these extra days.
  • Choose whether you want to add additional hours to each booking.
  • Select the default sorting option for the vehicle list. You can sort by price, vehicle ID, ascending or descending.
  • Select at least one of your business locations from the list of locations.
  • Select the default pickup locations from the list of predefined locations or from the customer location.
  • Select the default return point(s) from the list of predefined points or select the customer point.
  • Enable or disable the customer's ability to enter their own pick-up/drop-off location. Optionally limit this to a specific country, address, and radius in kilometers.
  • Choose whether to show or hide the drop-off and pick-up location drop-down list when there is only one option to choose from.
  • Check or uncheck the option to force the delivery location to be the same as the pickup location.
  • Choose whether to show only the customer location field.
  • Select the available currencies for a specific form.
  • Enable or disable discount coupons for a specific form.
  • Select the discount coupon to be used automatically in a specific form (if applicable).
  • Enter the minimum order amount to make a reservation for the customer.
  • Define whether all additional costs should be shown or hidden in the reservation summary and whether they should be included in the price of the selected vehicle.
  • Specify whether net prices should be displayed instead of gross prices in the booking overview, vehicle list or add-ons list.
  • Enable or disable the deposit option for a reservation.
  • Select the type of invoice summary to be displayed on the provided booking form.
  • Specify whether the price per rental day should be displayed in the vehicle list.
  • Enable or disable the form preloader.
  • Enable or disable step-based navigation.
  • Enable or disable the floating sidebar feature.
  • Enable or disable pick-up/drop-off time fields in a specific form.
  • Enable or disable driver age verification.
  • Specify the time interval between each item in the time picker drop-down list, the default interval is 30 minutes.
  • Set whether the time selection on the booking form should start from the selected time slot or from the current time.
  • Indicate whether the total number of vehicles should be displayed.
  • Show or hide the Google map.
  • Enable or disable the vehicle filter bar in the vehicle list.
  • Enable or disable the visibility of vehicle attributes in the vehicle list.
  • Enable or disable automatic scrolling to the Extras section after selecting the vehicle.
  • Enable or disable automatic rerouting to the next booking step after selecting the vehicle.
  • Choose whether the invoice details section is available, required, or hidden on a form.
  • Specify which form fields should be marked as required in an invoice detail section.
  • Enable or disable the "Thank you" page. Set URL and label for a "Back Home" button.
form elements
  • Define your own form elements. Create sections and form fields, assign fields to sections, and create an order form tailored to your business. For each form field you can define a description, the type of form field, possible values, error messages and if the field is mandatory or not.
  • Make a list of agreements the customer must accept before placing an order.
Form style settings
  • Apply your own colors to the booking form.
  • Use the built-in color picker for easy styling. You are in control of the entire booking form, every element of the form.
Google Maps Settings
  • Enable or disable dragging on the map.
  • Enable or disable the mouse scroll wheel on the map.
  • Enter settings for the map style. Set the card type, e.g. Route, map style and map location.
  • Set map zoom settings - zoom level and position.
  • Style the map to your needs using JSON code.

Booking add-ons module

A module that allows adding an unlimited number of add-ons that the customer can choose from, e.g. a child seat, full insurance or a ski rack.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete extra bookings.
  • View the add-on ID number.
  • Give the add-on a name and add a description.
  • Select at least one location where the add-on is available.
  • Define whether an add-on can be requested more than once (a maximum number for a given add-on).
  • Make the add-on required to select it or not.
  • Set the price per single addition.
  • If you choose the additional pricing model, pricing must apply to the entire rental period or per individual rental day.
  • Select the tax rate.
  • Select the vehicles to be assigned to this add-on. By default, the add-on is available for all vehicles. You can select different price levels and tax rates for different vehicles.

vehicle module

With this module you can define an unlimited number of vehicles and define a series of parameters for them.

  • Search, add, edit or delete vehicles.
  • Set vehicle name, vehicle description and featured image.
  • Shows the vehicle identification number.
  • Set the vehicle type (category).
  • Select at least one location where the vehicle is available.
  • Enter the vehicle make and model.
  • Enter the maximum number of passengers (or seats) and maximum baggage allowance (suitcases) for a specific vehicle.
  • Enter the gearbox type.
  • Enter the vehicle's fuel level at the time of rental.
  • Specify the minimum and maximum age for a driver to rent a specific vehicle.
  • Provide the standard pick-up/drop-off time for a vehicle (if applicable).
  • Create an image gallery for a specific vehicle.
  • Enable or disable the "or similar" designation for the vehicle list. Enabling this tag means the customer can receive a similar vehicle of their choice instead of the exact vehicle they selected.
  • Define a group code for a vehicle. This option allows you to create a range of vehicles and display only one vehicle representative of the group on the booking form.
  • Add URL to additional vehicle description page. The link appears below the vehicle description on the booking form.
  • Specify price rates:
    • Initial Fee – amount added to the order value.
    • Price per rental day.
    • Price per rental hour.
    • Delivery fee – price per kilometer from the base to the customer's pick-up location.
    • Delivery Return Fee – price per kilometer from the customer's return location to the base.
    • Deposit - Value added to the value of the order that protects the owner from costs related to damage to the vehicle. This amount must be returned to the customer if the vehicle does not show signs of damage.
    • One-Way Fee – value added to the order amount if the car is returned at a location other than the pick-up location.
    • Out of Hours Pickup Fee – Value added to the order value if the vehicle is picked up after hours.
    • Out of Hours Return Fee – Amount added to the order amount if the vehicle is returned out of hours.
    • Customer Pickup Location Fee – Amount added to the order amount when the customer enters the pickup location themselves.
    • Customer Delivery Point Fee – Amount added to the order value if the customer enters the delivery point himself.
  • Specify the tax rate for each price separately.
  • Assign vehicle attributes.
  • Exclude specific dates or days of the week when the vehicle is unavailable.

Vehicle type module

A list of available vehicle types (or categories).

Vehicle Attributes Module

In this module, you can define an unlimited number of vehicle attributes such as color, engine, etc., and assign them to individual vehicles in your settings.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete vehicle attributes.
  • View the Vehicle Attribute Identification Number.
  • Select one of three attribute types: text value, single choice, or multiple choice.
  • A text value is used for each custom text type. For example, you can define an attribute called Color and then specify it by entering it in an individual vehicle's settings.
  • Single and multi-select are used for predefined values. For example, you could define an attribute called "Transmission" with two values ​​"automatic" and "manual" and then specify one or both in the settings for a single vehicle.

location module

The module allows defining fixed store locations that can later be used as withdrawal/return in the form. The customer sees a list of locations to choose from instead of entering their own. There are many options available.

General Settings
  • Browse, add, edit or delete locations.
  • Show site ID number.
  • Define the period (in days/hours/minutes) in which the customer can pick up (rent) the vehicle.
  • Set the range of lease days and the maximum and minimum number of lease days.
  • Set range of car rental days depending on dates, specify minimum and maximum number of car rental days for specific dates.
  • Specify the time interval between reservations for the same vehicle.
  • Choose the default country on the booking form or use the customer's geolocation.
  • Set a default vehicle for a specific location. This option is useful if you only have one vehicle or one type of vehicle. It will then be selected by default for that location.
  • Configure Vehicle Availability Check – Select how (if any) the plugin should check if a vehicle is available for booking. You have the option to disable this feature or use one of the three available settings. The first option is for the plugin to verify that the vehicle has not been marked as unavailable by an administrator. The second option is for the plugin to check if the vehicle has not already been booked in the same period. The third option is for the plugin to check if the vehicle is available using the rules from the "Availability Rules" module.
  • Enable or disable the after-hours vehicle pick-up option for a given location.
  • Enable or disable the option to return a vehicle after business hours to a specific location.
  • Indicate whether a driver's license is required to rent a car. If enabled, customer must carry a driver's license.
  • Randomize (or not) the driver's license file name.
location address
  • Set the location address including contact details and map coordinates.
availability settings
  • Specify working days/hours. Set business hours for each day of the week - start and end times, including time slots, for example. Ex.: 09:00-11:00; 13:15-14:15.
  • Exclude booking dates.
payment settings
  • Specify available payment methods. Choose from cash, Stripe, PayPal, wire transfer or credit card upon withdrawal. If you use WooCommerce on your website, you can use payment methods supported by WooCommerce.
  • Set the default payment method.
  • Set the payment method as required or not.
  • Enable or disable payment processing.
  • Enable or disable the ability to choose WooCommerce payment methods.
  • Enable or disable deposit option as fixed or percentage.
  • Set the number of days for the deposit before the withdrawal date.
  • Set your payment settings to Stripe, PayPal, cash, bank transfer or credit card on withdrawal. You can upload your own image or logo for a specific option, provide a description for a customer, set API keys (if applicable), redirect delay time, "success" and "unsubscribe" URLs, and much more.
  • Set notification options to Email, SMS (Vonage, Twilio) and Telegram.
  • Set up email accounts for senders and recipients of notifications about new reservations.
  • Enable or disable SMS notifications about new bookings.
  • Choose whether to send email notifications to customers about new reservations.
  • Specify whether an email message about a new reservation should be sent to a predefined list of recipients.
  • Define API keys for services (if applicable), phone numbers, tokens, and more.
Google Calendar Settings
  • Turn the Google Calendar integration on or off.
  • Define the Google Calendar ID number and additional settings in the form of a JSON file.

Pricing Rules Module

You can define your own pricing rules depending on the booking form, selected vehicle, pick-up or drop-off location, day of the week, date or time range, distance between base and pick-up location, distance between drop-off and base location, based on on the age of the driver. For example, you can set a different BMW rental price in Chicago every Monday for drivers over 40 years of age. This module has been significantly expanded since the first version of the plugin and covers "almost" all possible cases.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete pricing rules.
  • View the price rule ID number.
  • Select booking form(s).
  • Select vehicle(s).
  • Select pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • Use geofencing as a condition.
  • Define the days of the week, dates or periods to which the rule applies.
  • Define distance rules, for example, distance between base and pick-up/drop-off location to which the rule applies.
  • Set the age rule for the driver.
  • Define the pricing structure for 11 different pricing types.

Availability rules module

In this module it is possible to define the availability of each vehicle defined in the system under certain conditions.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete availability rules.
  • Display the availability rule ID number.
  • Select booking form(s).
  • Select pick-up and drop-off locations.
  • Use geofencing as a condition.
  • Define the days of the week, dates or periods to which the rule applies.
  • Set the age rule for the driver.
  • Set the availability of a vehicle.


The module allows you to create discount coupons.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete discount coupons.
  • Look at the coupon ID number.
  • Set a unique voucher code.
  • Set a usage limit.
  • Check the coupon's current usage count.
  • Select the vehicles to which the coupon is to be applied.
  • Select the vehicle categories to which the coupon is to be applied.
  • Set the coupon to be active within a specific time period.
  • Choose a percentage discount amount or a fixed discount amount.
  • Set a discount amount based on the number of rental days. You can create unlimited rules.


You can create your own trading area and use it - as one of the conditions - in the pricing rules. The module provides a simple and intuitive drawing tool to add, delete, move and modify shapes (polygons). The created shape represents a single area to which you can assign different price levels.

Rate module

The module allows you to create different tax rates.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete tax rates.
  • See Headset identification number.
  • Set the tax rate amount.
  • Set the tax rate as the default for the system.


The module lists the email addresses used in the system.

  • Search, add, edit or delete email addresses.
  • See the email address identification number.
  • Provide the email address.
  • Enter the email.
  • Optionally, set SMTP authentication options.
  • Enable/Disable SSL.
  • Enable or disable debugging.
  • Use a tool to verify that emails are being sent correctly.

Car rental contains plugin settings

  • Configure general options such as company logo, currency, and date/time format.
  • Set Google Maps options.
  • Set the sender's default email account.
  • Choose a geolocation server.
  • Activate or deactivate the reservation report - an email sent with the complete list of vehicles returned on a given day. You can define a list of recipients for the report.
  • Provide the Fixer.IO API key.
  • Set booking status without lock.
  • Import demo content with one click.
  • Set payment options.
  • Use coupon generator to generate specified number of discount coupons with options like number of coupons, usage limit, percentage discount, fixed discount and activation dates.
  • Use the exchange rate manager to import exchange rates for selected currencies against the base currency.
  • Access the records manager.
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  • Car Rental WordPress Plugin, Car Hire
  • Complete reservation management system for rental cars
  • Step-by-step booking process with online payments, email and SMS notifications, WooCommerce and Google Services integration
  • 6 Monate Support inklusive
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Supported browsers

Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE, Rand

Software version

Wordpress 5.0.x – 6.0.x

Designed for:Car rent,Car rent, and all related websitesvehicle rent. perfect forCar rental at the airport,daily car rental, Elong term rental. Suitable forguysEcommercial car rentalRequirements ranging from small hatchbacks to luxury sedans and SUVs. Consider the plugin for yourRental fleet management,reservationsand customer booking requirements.

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    • Help with included third-party resources.

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