Can you take colored pencils on a plane? Yes, but there are rules.. (2023)

If you're a first-time artist boarding a plane with your art supplies, or going on a long trip with kids and need to entertain them, you might be wondering, "Can you take crayons on a plane?". How about coloring books or crayons? The answer is yes, you can bring them by plane, but there are some rules. You cannot bring large sharp objects on board. The TSA states that it's okay to take art supplies on an airplane as long as they aren't liquid or gel-based over 3.4 oz/100 ml.

They also say you should be able to take markers, crayons and pens (not tactical pens) on the flight without them being confiscated by airport security. In this post we will cover each topic as there was a line on the TSA website that worried me that said ""The final decision as to whether an item is allowed at the checkpoint rests with the TSA officer.”

So let's go into a little detail why theThe TSA website says so too"Pencil sharpener. Carry-on baggage: Yes. Checked baggage: Yes.For more prohibited items, see the What can I bring? page.“So what are these forbidden items that we need to know?

So can I take my art supplies on a plane? and if so, what art supplies can I bring?

You can usually take most art objects on a plane that are not long and metal or sharp or can be used as a weapon.

As long as you can show they're well packaged and secure they should be allowed, but with anything the rules can sometimes be subjective when the TSA agent can assess that a brush you have looks like a gun, and them for packing will mark your checked baggage.

You must also take into account that changes to the risk warning at the time of flight can change things.

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Can I take colored pencils on the plane?

yes you can bring itcolored pencilson the plane as long as they're not armed, and in turn you don't want to carry them in your carry-on or have security confiscate them because they're too dangerous. If you need to bringcolored pencilsOn the plane without carry-on baggage, you must ensure that they are in your checked baggage.

Can I bring solvent for mixing colored pencils on the plane?

Yes, as long as the solvents are non-flammable and in a sealed container that holds less than 3.4 oz/100mL, you can bring a solvent onboard.

If you are unsure of which mixing agent to bring, all alcohol-based flammables such asmineral spirits, Turpentine, Isopropyl alcohol.

Anyone who isoil based like babyOil or coconut oil are considered safe. Although you can bring hand sanitizer on board I would appreciate it.Read the article below to see why.

My suggestion is to save all mixing activities until you arrive at your destination. You don't want to risk ruining your art with a little turbulence!

If you are unsure, contact the TSA again through their website or Twitter.

Can I take markers or crayons on the plane?

Yes indeed. While markers and crayons are not specifically mentioned, they generally fall under ballpoint pens and may, yes, be checked in and carried. I also saw the question that was asked@AskTSAon Twitter several times and his answer was always yes, crayons and markers are allowed.

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Calligraphy pens are also allowed, as the tip or point is not considered dangerous or hard enough to do much damage, if at all.

You must note that if your pen is classified as a "tactical pen" then this is not allowed as a tactical pen is intended to be used as a weapon.

If you're wondering if you can take Sharpies on a plane, the answer is also yes, as they fall under the markers and pens category and pens are allowed on planes.

Can you take a sketchbook on a plane?

Yes indeed. Sketchbooks are considered art supplies and must be accepted as carry-on or checked baggage.

Can you take pencil sharpeners on a plane?

Yes indeed. If the sharpener is in your carry-on baggage, it must meet the general restrictions for items that can be carried on an aircraft. Haven't seen a 6 inch pencil sharpener before so I'm assuming you're safe. If you use a box cutter or a knife as a pencil sharpener, the answer is that they are now allowed on an airplane.

So if you use any of these as a pencil sharpener: stilettos, razor blades (except in cartridges, i.e. loose blades), they are prohibited in hand luggage.

The TSA website also states that all sharp objects in checked bags must be securely sheathed or wrapped to avoid injuring porters and baggage inspectors.

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Can you take markers on the plane?

Yes, you can take markers with you on the plane.

Can you take art painting on a plane?

Yes, you can take art painting on the plane.

What is not allowed to take on the plane?

We started this article by asking if you can bring colorspencilon a plane, but we also have to ask what art supplies you can't take on a plane.

You should also be aware of certain things you can't take on a plane, no matter how harmless you think they are.

Although art supplies are not listed on the TSA website for prohibited items, there are some that generally fall into broad categories such as: not even as checked baggage) as well as anything made of metal such asPaletteKnives, scissors or other cutting instruments with blades over 6 inches long, multi-tools/knives without springs attached, while glass items seem to get the OK.

I personally had some issues getting a handcrafted glass sculpture onto an airplane. I had to pack it in my luggage and of course I came home with a very expensive piece of broken glass from Venice.

For quick and helpful answers from the TSA regarding pens and pencils on airplanes, contact them at@AskTSA.


Can you take colored pencils on a plane? Yes, but there are rules.. (1)

What happens if I try to take prohibited art items on a plane?

If you are attempting to bring into an aircraft prohibited items that we have just carried, such as B. Prohibited items based on toxic paint or anything flammable, if found during the screening process at security checkpoints or when processing checked baggage, the TSA will advise that such items will be disposed of (discarded or confiscated) unless you have the airline's approval to carry them on board as part of your carry-on baggage and its contents, or you must stow them securely in your checked baggage.

You may also want to check with the individual airlines before you travel, as different airlines have their own rules about what is and is not allowed to travel on board a flight.


I hope you found this You Can Take Colored Pencils On A Plane resource and much more helpful.

If you have any questions about taking crayons on the plane, please contactTSA is under .govor check with the airline before your flight departs.

Please revisit the blog for more art tips and tricks when your plane arrives at your destination.

If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share it with your circle of friends or any artist who is traveling for art supplies for the first time.

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Can I bring colored pencils on a plane? ›

Colored pencils are allowed in carry-on bags for drawing.

How do you travel with colored pencils? ›

Although I usually pack the pencils in their tin, if I'm on a long road trip or cruise—and there's room in my luggage—I'll pack the pencils in a small carrying case. The pencils are easier to access and don't get lost as easily, plus there's room for 50 of them!

Are pencils allowed on flights? ›

Ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, gel pens and pencils are allowed, as are fountain pens with a single open cartridge in use, but any refills cannot exceed 100ml.

How do you travel with a pencil? ›

Put containers inside the ziplock bags provided in the airport. Brushes, drawing pads, pencils, pens, crayons, pastels. Dry watercolor pans should be fine. Put everything inside a container for inspection.

Is pencil eyeliner TSA approved? ›

Eyeliner pencils are permitted. You can bring makeup brushes on a plane. Powdered makeup is allowed but can get a little more complicated.


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