Best WordPress Plugins for Booking Tours and Travel 2022 (2023)

Do you run a travel agency? If yes, then you must be aware of the importance of being visible on the internet. A website is one of the best ways to get found online. In addition to being visible, you can alsoCreate a tour and travel booking websiteWorks with WordPress CMS. It allows customers to book their tours remotely and expands a travel agency's ability to serve its customers online.

To create a tour and travel booking WordPress website, you need a highly functional and feature-rich tour booking plugin to run it. The plugin lets you add destinations, create itineraries, coupons and more. You must also useWordPress themes for travel agenciesto give your website an attractive user interface.

As plugins are responsible for the functionalities of a website, it is important to choose the right plugin that suits your travel agency business. For the same reason, we wrote this article and compiled some of the best WordPress tour and travel booking plugins you can find in the market. Let's start.


  • Why do I need the tour and travel booking WordPress plugin?

    The plugins you choose determine your visitors' experience on your site. And the user experience depends a lot on the conversion and sales you can generate on your website.

    The best WordPress plugins for tours and travel bookings are designed and developed to cater to travel agencies and businesses alike. With these plugins you can create packages of destinations and itineraries, manage payments, create offers and much more.

    WordPress plugins are available for both free and paid. Most of the time, free plugins can provide basic functionality and paid versions can extend those functionalities. Suppose you are creating a tour and travel booking website for your agency. In this case, you need to understand and determine what functionality you need and choose plugins based on the requirements.

    So read on for the best tour booking plugins to use on your website to upgrade and grow your tour and travel business.

    1.WP travel engine(used by 8,000 travel agencies)

    Best WordPress Plugins for Booking Tours and Travel 2022 (1)

    WP Travel Engine is one of the best WordPress plugins for booking tours and travel. It is loaded with the latest features and mainly focuses on the best user experience. This plugin was specially developed for travel agencies and offers all the necessary functions. Advanced features and better user interface together make it good value for money. The plugin has tons of customization options that make it easy to create a website without any coding knowledge.

    With WP Travel Engine, you can add as many travel packages as you like. This is especially important as your business and destinations evolve and you need to make changes regularly. Furthermore, the plugin is also translation ready, so the language barrier is not an issue when attracting international customers.

    The ability to add and update itinerary is also included in the itinerary creation feature. You can add an itinerary for travel packages and detail daily plans. This information is crucial if you want to attract and retain customers. A detailed itinerary plays an important role in converting website visitors into customers.

    Key features of WP Travel Engine

    seo ease

    The WP Travel Engine plugin is designed to be SEO friendly. The plugin contains schema markup (JSON-LD format) that helps search engines better understand the website, helping them rank higher in search results. Being SEO compliant is important for travel agencies as it means more exposure, traffic and ultimately more sales.

    Advanced search function

    When users land on your site, it's important to make sure they find what they're looking for. WP Travel Engine also solves this problem with advanced search features. This feature allows users to filter the desired packages using budget, duration, prices, dates, activities etc. as criteria. This ease of searching for packages within the site leads to high user satisfaction and, consequently, increases your conversion.

    Multiple payment gateways

    Another important feature is the payment gateway used on your website. This is important because this is the final conversion point in your customer's journey to purchase, and you don't want your potential customers to have problems with payment. WP Travel Engine supports all major payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal,, PayFast, Midtrans, PayU, etc.

    Compatibility with many available themes

    WP Travel Engine is also compatible with most tours and travel themes you can get on WordPress. So you can customize the themes and use WP Travel Engine to create a website for your tours and travel business without any complexity.

    Other features and enhancements

    WP Travel Engine also comes with several complementary sales and marketing features to help you sell more, increase your average order value (AOV) and get your site in front of a larger audience. The following complementary extensions will help you to extend the functionality of your website.

    • Fixed start date of the trip: this extension allows you to add tour packages with specific start and end dates. While customers can book most packages all year round, there may be some special tour packages that are time sensitive and infrequent.
    • Advanced trip planner: The Advanced Itinerary Builder extension for WP Travel Engine helps you create itineraries with descriptive and interactive content. Although the plugin already comes with a default itinerary builder, this extension adds more features like rich text editor, gallery, itinerary elevation graph, etc.
    • formulate-editor: The form editor extension lets you create and edit forms for a personalized experience for users and customers.
    • currency converter: this extension allows you to add and display currencies according to the user's location.
    • weather forecast for travel: Travel weather forecast allows you to add a weather widget to tour packages to inform users about the expected weather at the destination.
    • group discount: This group discount extension allows group bookings to add discounts depending on the number of people in the group.
    • additional services: Services such as airport pick-up, car rental, hotel drop-off, etc. can be added to packages with this extension.
    • travel diaries: this extension can add customer reviews to tour packages.
    • social proof: Social Proof allows you to see user activities on the site in real time.
    • user history: the extension allows you to track a user's activity on the website before placing an order. This will help you gain insight into how users experience your site.
    • Zapier: This extension allows you to integrate your website with the Zapier automation platform.

    In addition to the features mentioned above, there are many other useful features of this plugin that can help you and your business to create a good overall user experience and grow your travel and tourism business.

    In addition, WP Travel Engine offers several video tutorials that will be extremely useful for anyone using it to create a travel and tour website.


    There are free and premium versions of WP Travel Engine. The free version includes essential basic features for travel and tour websites. And the premium version expands the features for a more integrated and enriched user experience.

    • free plan
    • Guys:$99.50 (for 1 website)
    • Agency:$199.50 (for 1 website)
    • Software developer/company:$299.50 (for 10 pages)

    We recommend WP Travel Engine for its extensive list of features, flexibility and simplicity, as well as extensive learning resources from building websites to troubleshooting potential problems.

    How do I use the WP Travel Engine plugin?

    The WP Travel Engine plugin is easy to use. After installing WordPress, you can download and activate the WP Travel Engine plugin fromPlug-in-Store. Alternatively, you can download the plugin file from the official WP Travel Engine website and install the plugin on your WordPress site.


    Best WordPress Plugins for Booking Tours and Travel 2022 (2)

    WooTour is an amazing WordPress plugin to create a tour and travel website. This plugin can create a complete booking system for your tourism business. Additionally, this plugin includes shortcodes for grids, tables, and carousels. You can also use any of the payment systems supported by WooCommerce.

    All your customers can create their accounts and plan a complete tour choosing all their needs. This plugin requires WooCommerce to be running as it is based on WooCommerce.

    special functions and features

    • Automatic email notification after a booking.
    • Customizable colors, fonts and thumbnail sizes.
    • Custom ticket types.
    • Invoices can be generated as PDF files for customers.
    • You can send coupons and deals for users to use.
    • comments and ratings.
    • Multiple payment methods.
    • Tal-Widget.
    • user history.

    While this plugin is fine for creating a basic travel booking website, it lacks many essential features for travel agency websites like group discounts, fixed departure dates, additional services, etc. Therefore, we do not recommend WooTour. But if you're looking for something simple to get started, it's a good plugin to use.


    There is only a paid version that costs $49 per year.


    Best WordPress Plugins for Booking Tours and Travel 2022 (3)

    Tour Master is another popular WordPress tour and travel booking plugin. It is a complete tour and travel booking system package that comes with many tools and features needed in a tourism business such as: B. tour package aggregation, itinerary planning, booking and payment systems.

    This booking system has one of the most powerful admin panels from where you can do all the customizations and integrations. Additionally, support for multiple payment systems out of the box makes this plugin an attractive option for many travel agencies.

    You can create voucher codes for your customers, design booking bars and set flexible price ranges. Both the customer panel and the admin panel have all the features required for a successful booking and order.

    special functions and features

    • CSV exporter.
    • Search and filter tours by month.
    • Automatic reminder function.
    • Tour settings panel.
    • You can add additional tour services.
    • price settings.
    • Multiple frontend customization options.

    If you want to create a simple website, Tour Master is a great plugin. However, if you want to create a complete travel booking website, other plugins on the list (WP Travel Engine) are a much better choice.


    There is no free plan, and prices start at $45 per year.

    4.jatra(used by 700 travel agencies)

    Best WordPress Plugins for Booking Tours and Travel 2022 (4)

    Yatra is a new tour and travel booking WordPress plugin that is hitting the market. It is a feature-rich and easily customizable plugin with loads of features under its umbrella. The core plugin comes with everything needed for a tourism and travel agency website. You can also add extensions to expand the plugin's capabilities.

    You can easily create tour packages and add and update itineraries accordingly. The plugin also has separate user accounts, user information, multiple pricing and other built-in features. Yatra also supports PayPal payment gateway by default. Also, you can integrate other payment systems with additional extensions.

    Building a website with the Yatra plugin is also incredibly easy and smooth. The setup wizard's instructions are clear and concise. You don't need any professional experience to create your website with Yatra as there are many resources to guide you through the process. Many free and paid WordPress themes are also compatible with this plugin.

    The user can also easily navigate through the booking and checkout process. Customers can also easily filter the tour packages using the advanced filtering feature of the Yatra plugin.

    The existing functions of this plug-in can be extended with complementary extensions from the Yatra website. At the time of this writing, nine extensions are already available.

    special functions and features

    • Unlimited trips and tour packages, tour categories.
    • Booking calendar and inquiry form.
    • Easy booking process.
    • Dynamic price/dynamic price per day.
    • Email Notification.
    • PayPal payment gateway.
    • translation ready.
    • Separate customer area
    • Discount coupon and tax option.
    • Email with booking and request notification.


    While the main Yatra plugin is free, additional extensions are paid for individually or in a bundle.

    • Frei -plug-in principal
    • Beginner -$79/year (1 site - limited add-ons)
    • Essential -$149/year (1 site - all add-ons)
    • growth -$299/year (5 sites - all add-ons)
    • Teacher -$599/year (30 sites – All add-ons support UI customization)

    5.WP Travel

    Best WordPress Plugins for Booking Tours and Travel 2022 (5)

    WP Travel is another free travel website builder plugin. It is a powerful plugin with tons of features like creating travel packages, bookings, payment gateways, reviews, etc.

    The WP Travel plugin allows you to create a feature-rich tourism website. As an open source plugin, there are many support resources that you can use to create and customize the plugin. Also, various travel and tour themes are fully compatible with this plugin.

    This plugin is designed to meet all the needs of a travel and travel agency and these features can be extended in the Pro version and using additional extensions. It is one of the most popular tour and travel booking WordPress plugins available in the market.

    special functions and features

    • It is a complete tour booking system package.
    • You can add and update unlimited packages.
    • Supports control options.
    • You can create full data reports.
    • Support for multiple payment systems.
    • rating and comments
    • Multiple prices and multiple dates are supported.
    • You can add travel information and facts.
    • card integration.
    • coupons
    • Email Notifications.
    • Customizable tabs.


    There are free and paid versions of WP Travel. The free version is free forever and the pro versions extend the functionality and can be used on multiple websites.

    • Always free
    • guys– 99.99/year (for 1 location)
    • More– 199.99/year (for 5 locations)
    • specialist– 599.99/year (for 25 locations)

    6.Tour and Travel Booking Manager

    Best WordPress Plugins for Booking Tours and Travel 2022 (6)

    The last plugin on the list is Tour & Travel Booking Manager. It is based on WooCommerce and is a complete travel management system. It was designed to meet the needs of a travel agency, offering features such as creating packages and travel itineraries and supporting all payment methods available for WooCommerce.

    Multilingual translation support that helps to overcome the language barriers of different customers and Google Maps integration are also available in this plugin.

    special functions and features

    • Responsive and cross-browser support.
    • Ticket types, categories, prices, etc. can be managed.
    • Display guest information with WooCommerce order details.
    • Compatible with multiple themes.
    • PDF-Ticket-Downloads.
    • Automatic email confirmation.
    • Ticket submission function.

    Which one to choose?

    As you may already know, there are several WordPress plugins, each offering its specialty and functionality. But as far as usage is concerned, it all depends on the purpose for which you are creating the website and the services you are offering.

    Suppose you are creating a website for a tourism and travel agency, the plugin you should choose must be reliable, functional, meet all your customers' needs and provide enough space for future expansions. It should also be attractive and easy to navigate.

    WP travel engineticks all the boxes for creating a tour and travel website. It has all the features you need, a variety of extensions to expand services, and can be customized to suit your needs. What's more, WP Travel Engine lets you start with the free version and upgrade whenever possible.

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