8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Booking in 2022 (2023)

Are you looking for an easy-to-use and useful WordPress travel booking plugin to seamlessly increase sales and boost your travel business? If you have everything you need, don't miss a wonderful opportunity to achieve your goals with the list of several prominent and useful WordPress travel booking plugins that we present to you below.

Why should you install the WordPress Travel Booking plugin?

Nowadays, traveling is becoming more and more popular and it has also become a favorite pastime for many people. This increases customer demand for this activity. As a travel website you need suitable plugins to adapt to all customer needs e.g. B. Make room reservations, create tour packages, book airline tickets, and so on. Today, in this article, we are going to help you find several travel booking WordPress plugins that will be useful for you. Let's start!

Top Excellent WordPress Travel Booking Plugins


8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Booking in 2022 (1)

tourficis one of the top contenders among unlimited WordPress travel booking plugins on the market. This tool is famous for its list of powerful features that allow you to effectively manage the entire online booking system along with the ordering system. With the help of Tourfic plugin, you can easily create a professional travel agency website similar to other popular websites like Booking.com, Agoda, Hotels.com and many more. You can list a wide range of hotels, tour schedules, resorts and more so that your customers can easily book online with different payment methods defined in Woocommerce.

Resources provided:

  • Add hotels, rooms, unlimited tours
  • Special customer rating system
  • Add a hotel/tour wish list
  • Social sharing option
  • Hotel photo gallery/Tour photo gallery
  • Inquiry / Ask a question form
  • Tour price per person (adult, child, baby)
  • Complete hotel reservation and management system
  • Advanced tour listing and booking system
  • multilingual support
  • Gallery and features per room (Pro)
  • Number of rooms by date (by)
  • Room/guide price per person/group (adult, child) (Pro)
  • Room availability by date (Pro)
  • Room Rate by Date (by)
  • API-based integration with leading travel sites such asBooking.com(profi)
  • Multi-vendor integration (Pro)
  • Booking history dashboard (Pro)
  • and much more

Here are some of the unique features that set Tourfic apart:

  • Integration of multiple providers:

If you want to create a website where various merchants and agencies can register and sell their services, then using Tourfic is certainly a perfect choice for your website. This great tool allows all providers to sign up so they can upload their hotels, tours, resorts and more. This gives your customers the opportunity to use services from different sellers, agencies or brands.

  • Works with all WooCommerce payment gateways:

Compared to other competitors, using Tourfic will help you save a lot of money. As every Woocommerce based payment plugin works effectively with Tourfic, you don't need to charge anything to add a payment gateway. When using other travel booking plugins, it will cost you a lot of money to set up a payment gateway on your website.

  • API-based integration with leading travel sites:

Tourfic offers integration with many popular travel websites such as booking.com and travelpayouts.com. So this plugin gives you more opportunities to earn commissions by listing your listing on your website. All you need to do is your Affiliate ID or embed code in the backend, then Tourfic will help you with the rest of the process.

  • video tutorials

For more details, you can learn how to create a professional travel booking website by watching video tutorials uploaded by the Tourfic team on Youtube.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Many effective and advanced features
  • excellent support

WP Travel

8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Booking in 2022 (2)

This is a free yet powerful travel booking WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom trekking packages and tours. Furthermore, this plugin also adapts to the needs of all travel websites, e.g. B. Accept reservations, set schedules, receive payments, and so on. WP Travel also fully integrates with the bestWordPress themes for travel bookings. you have accessWP Travel vs. WP Travel EngineCompare for more useful information. And then you can make the right choice.

(Video) How to Create Tours & Travel Booking Website using WordPress & WP Travel Engine Plugin 2022

Resources provided:

  • Tour-Extras
  • Painless booking system
  • rating and comments
  • Unlimited tour packages
  • Trip details and outlines
  • Include and exclude trips
  • set fixed outputs
  • types of trip
  • Destiny
  • payment system
  • Various prices and various dates
  • control options
  • user panel
  • etc.


  • Great travel plugin
  • great functionality
  • Excelente plug-in

WordPress Travel Booking Plugin – WP Travel Engine

8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Booking in 2022 (3)

WP Travel Engine is a completely free plugin that allows you to easily and quickly create a travel booking website. You can also add many features to your travel booking website like: B. Partial payment, user history, group discount and so on. Thanks to this plugin, you can also create many tour packages for travel agencies or tour operators.

Resources provided:

  • Smart travel booking process
  • payment process
  • inquiry form
  • Booking email notification
  • activities page
  • Trip type page
  • translation ready
  • booking details
  • Unlimited travel packages


  • Fast and responsive support
  • plug-in útil
  • awesome plugin

Travel payments: Flight and hotel travel search

8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Booking in 2022 (4)

Here is also a great plugin for travel agencies, travel related websites and travel bloggers. This plugin includes a wide range of travel services such as hotels, car rentals, insurance, flights and so on. By using this plugin your visitors can create their own vacation in real time. 11 different customizable tables and 2 customizable tables for hotels are also included in this plugin.

Resources provided:

  • Hotel-Widget
  • 11 different customizable tables
  • 2 customizable tables for hotels
  • survey forms
  • Low cost flights and hotels map
  • Popular flight destination widget
  • Calendar at a low price


    • useful tool
  • Toll
  • wonderful plugin

WP reserva

8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Booking in 2022 (5)

Here is a great travel booking WordPress plugin that will help you create a wonderful booking system. In addition, using a complete system, you can easily create a booking and reservation website, including tours, accommodation, transportation and so on. This plugin is also translated into several foreign languages ​​that will allow your visitors from any country to clearly understand its function.

Resources provided:

  • Booking history for users
  • Booking information management for a website owner
  • Email notifications with customizable template
  • Advanced search and filter widget
  • Booking form with calendar
  • Responsive and SEO friendly
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Localization for your language
  • Perfectly matches any WordPress theme


(Video) Best WordPress Booking Plugins | 2023

  • perfect solution
  • A good free system
  • flexible and direct

Complete travel and tour booking system – Yatra

8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Booking in 2022 (6)

Here is an effective, fast and flexible WordPress travel booking plugin for those who run a travel and tour related business and are looking for a travel system booking system. By using this plugin, you will have the opportunity to generate many attractive travel packages with unlimited trips and travel categories. Furthermore, this plugin is also fully compatible with almost all travel agency WordPress themes.

Resources provided:

  • Simple and smart booking process
  • translation ready
  • Email Notification
  • Smart tags for email message
  • my account area
  • Separate customer area
  • Unlimited travel and tour package
  • paypal payment gateway


  • Practical
  • Easy to use
  • completely satisfied

WP travel blocks

8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Booking in 2022 (7)

WP Travel Blocks is a free WordPress travel booking plugin compatible with the WP Travel plugin. This plugin gives you the opportunity to display your tour packages or trips according to your preferences. To improve the customer experience, you can also add a travel filter to your travel website posts or pages.

Resources provided:

  • Show selected trips
  • WP-Routen-Addons
  • current sales offer
  • Configure search forms
  • WP travel map addons
  • Insert trigger filter
  • Dedicated support and documentation


  • Easy to use
  • Lot of options
  • good support

Opal hotel room reservation

8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins for Travel Booking in 2022 (8)

Opal Hotel Room Booking is an effective WordPress travel booking plugin that is fully compatible with your website booking system. Here is definitely a great choice for hospitality places like villas, 5-star hotels, resorts, apartments and so on. Thanks to this plugin, your customers can easily book rooms by entering the required personal information as per the step-by-step guide.

Resources provided:

  • Shopping cart and fast checkout
  • replace template
  • Optimized search engine
  • Tax Support
  • Various payment methods
  • Configure and update
  • room management
  • reservation management
  • Multiple Currencies
  • multiple languages
  • Easy for developers to design and customize
  • Powerful plugin to match your theme


  • Powerful
  • highly configurable
  • First line support


In short, we have already shared with you the list of WordPress travel booking plugins. So, we believe that once you've tried one of the top plugins we've suggested, you can create a travel website that includes an effective booking function. What else If you have any questions or issues related to this theme, just leave your comment below so we can get back to you.

Also, don't forget that there are many fully responsive and well-designed features.free themes for wordpressHere. Let's dig deeper and choose the best fit for your website.

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