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If you are looking for a car rental WordPress plugin then stay with us because here we are going to share the top collection of car rental WordPress plugins through which your business online presence will provide users with a perfect experience. You can create an amazing website by yourself without hiring any designers or programmers. It is so easy.

6+ Car Rental WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid) | FormGet (1)

Consider these WordPress plugins if you want to add more useful and advanced functionality to your website. They are customizable, impressively built, and purposefully designed to convert visitors into your leads.

All plugins available in this article are translation ready and fully customizable. Some of them are integrated with WooCommerce plugins as well as online booking form so your customer can easily book their cars for rental purpose.

1. Native Car Rental – Plugin WordPress

This is the most used WordPress plugin in the car rental WordPress plugin list. This plugin is a faster and more secure WP plugin with almost all the code written with native WordPress functions. Also, using this plugin, you can manage your online reservations and all services from one control panel.

The plugin is created by experienced Silicon Valley engineers. That's why it's obvious that your car rental company's website will run smoothly.

Also, the plugin supports payment through different payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.

6+ Car Rental WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid) | FormGet (2)


This plugin is available for just $55 with 6 months support. You can extend your support for up to 12 months by paying just $19.13.


  • It helps to place various widgets like calendar, price tables, etc. in a well-organized way.
  • This plugin is ready for high traffic websites with 1M+ customer databases and 500,000 daily active visits.
  • You can add different coupons, discounts and prepayments using this native car rental WordPress plugin.
  • After booking, a confirmation email with the invoice is sent to the customer using this native car rental system plugin.

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2. WordPress Car Rental Booking System

This plugin is one of the best tools in the car rental WordPress plugin list. Help create a fully functional WordPress car rental website. There are many features in this list like unlimited number of booking forms, pricing rules for cars and different dates, etc. Furthermore, it offers Telegram Messenger integration in the interface through which you can easily connect with your subscribers.

It is also integrated with Google Calendar and this plugin will help you keep your subscriber details well organized. Also, this plugin is compatible with all the latest versions of WordPress. Furthermore, the plugin is integrated with an online booking form so that its users can easily book their trip.

6+ Car Rental WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid) | FormGet (3)


Buy this handy plugin for $40 with 6 months of regular updates and support. It also offers a $1000 extended license with all updates and features.


  • It uses geolocation and can provide a popup with a location summary.
  • You can configure driver age restriction service
  • Its pricing module allows you to define an unlimited and different number of pricing rules that override default prices.
  • It provides tools to specify Google Map settings such as wheel scrolling, drag behavior.

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3. Car Rental System – WordPress Plugin

This car rental system plugin is worth checking out because of the amazing features it packs. For example, you can add unlimited car features, car type or class, etc. to your online website using this plugin. Additionally, you can insert multiple car images to show the real-time availability of the services you offer to customers.

The notable feature of this plugin is that you can put three types of price calculations such as daily, hourly and daily hourly combined.

6+ Car Rental WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid) | FormGet (4)


You can get this car rental system plugin for a reasonable $29 with 6 months support and regular updates.


  • The plugin helps to send an email notification with an invoice to the website owner and customers. Upon successful completion of booking on your website.
  • The car rental system plugin has more than 15 languages ​​built-in. This helps customers use whatever language they are comfortable with.
  • It supports PayPal easy payment gateway and manual gateways are also integrated for easy online booking and payment.
  • There is an option to block a car on a certain date and time range. Therefore, desktop and phone reservations are not allowed for a certain period of time. Also, you can set the car lock interval between two reservations.

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4. Rent A Car: Complemento do WordPress

Rent a car WP plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin which is best suited for any type of car rental booking. The plugin is also useful for taxi services due to the integrated pick up and drop off feature present in this plugin. This will help customers pick, pick up and drop off locations as well as return journey details.

In addition, you can easily add a link that redirects to the terms and conditions page of your online car rental company's website. In addition, the plugin has predefined messages for reservations. This will help send acceptance and rejection statuses to users via email.

6+ Car Rental WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid) | FormGet (5)


You can buy this effective WP plugin at a reasonable price of $19 with 6 months support and regular updates.


  • Plugins support all currencies so customers can easily book vehicles with their native currencies.
  • The Rent a car plugin will allow accepting and rejecting the reservation with the notified customer.
  • Customers can easily choose between daily and hourly calculated prices.
  • You can define the time needed to prepare a vehicle for the next use and you can also define the maximum price for each option.

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5. RnB:Plugin do WordPress

RnB is a simple and provocative premium car rental WordPress plugin. It's visually stunning and efficiently coded to complete your website's most advanced features.

The plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to offer car rental or booking services. With this tool, you can provide your price option, maintain schedule, etc.

With its WooCommerce integration, you can sell your booking services based on time or date.

6+ Car Rental WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid) | FormGet (6)

Prices -

This plugin costs $29 for its unlimited features and functionality.

Characteristics -

  • The RnB plugin provides a Google map with which you can also convert the map to satellite.
  • With this widget, you can embed a car rental booking form so that your customer can easily book your services.
  • It provides a daily, monthly or hourly rate schedule through which your customer can receive clear instructions.]
  • You can manage a complete inventory management with this plugin such as multiple orders, sales, delivery, etc.
  • Provides 24/7 customer support.

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6. Car Rental Booking Engine - WordPress Plugin

The car rental booking engine is the ultimate price comparison tool. Your customer can directly search for cars and compare them on your website.

The plugin is being used by over 750 different car rental companies and many other local providers. With this plugin, you can add car rental search box anywhere on your website and customize the layout to suit your website.

6+ Car Rental WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid) | FormGet (7)

Prices -

This plugin just comes at no cost. You can download it from wordpress.org.

Characteristics -

  • The plugin allows you to simply copy the shortcodes to display the search box on any page of your website.
  • It provides a live online demo so you can get an idea of ​​how plugins look on a website.
  • This tool provides you with an online reservation service so that your customer can reserve their vehicles from anywhere and at any time.

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7. Car Rental Booking Engine - WordPress Plugin

Car Rental Booking Engine is the most popular WordPress plugin that integrates your WordPress website to provide a car rental booking platform.

The plugin gives the customer the opportunity to book the rental cars via an online booking form.

6+ Car Rental WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid) | FormGet (8)

Prices -

Buy this plugin for free from wordpress.org.

Characteristics -

  • You can add as many pick up and drop off locations as you like on your website with this plugin.
  • Allows you to proceed with the check-in or check-out process to be added to your website for the car reservation service.
  • With this plugin, you can add a large list of vehicles, their characteristics, advantages, etc.

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Well, that's it from us about car rental WordPress plugins. The plugins mentioned above have a lot of functionality to take your car rental business to the next level.

We hope you found this article helpful. Still, if you have any questions, you can comment them in the comments section below.

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