2023 24-Day Challenge Recap - Steal or is it worth a try? Here's why... (2023)

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2023 24-Day Challenge Recap - Steal or is it worth a try? Here's why... (1)

2023 24-Day Challenge Recap - Steal or is it worth a try? Here's why... (2)



Updated May 25, 2022

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2023 24-Day Challenge Recap - Steal or is it worth a try? Here's why... (3)

24 Day Challenge Review

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  • 24 Day Challenge Schedule [1]
  • Ingredients for the 24 day challenge
  • The science (or lack thereof) behind the 24-day challenge
  • Word of the 24-day challenge has gotten out on the streets
  • Let's talk about the results of the 24 day challenge. Does it work or not?
  • Conclusion on the 24-day challenge
AdvoCare, the creator of24challenge of the dayShe wants people to know that this "cleanse" isn't a diet that involves drastically cutting calories or replacing meals entirely with energy shakes and drinks. The AdvoCare 24-day challenge "For a healthier lifestyle".[1]Notable: AdvoCare is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM, also known in less generous circles as "pyramid scheme") company based in Plano, Texas. As such, they are just as, if not more, interested in hiring new people to "get rich" selling their products than they are in the products themselves. AdvoCare International, LLC has an A-Plus rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​website, but that is primarily because they have resolved all complaints filed against them. This does not mean that there are no complaints. The thing about MLMs, however, is that the top of the pyramid can cover their butts pretty effectively simply by blaming individual distributors, so an A-Plus isn't worth much when they've had to settle complaint after complaint of fraud. practices, rude salespeople (Reallyrude) and long silences when customers tried to get information.[2]But let's take a look at the program itself. AdvoCare's 24-Day Challenge Claims There are no definitive claims as to how much weight someone can lose through the 24-Day Challenge, but AdvoCare claims that if you keep yourself healthy diet, exercise regularly, and take any necessary supplements (of course), your body will respond by absorbing nutrients more efficiently and getting rid of toxins and waste. AdvoCare says the 24-Day Challenge results achieved after following the plan to the letter will be "maximum." It is a two-phase program: days 1-10 are the "cleansing phase" and days 11-24 are called the "max phase". Advocare describes it as a “comprehensive nutritional and nutritional program designed to give your body the boost it needs to help you achieve your goals. There is something for everyone - whether you are looking for weight management, energy, general body composition or general wellbeing.[1]The instructions for the 24-day challenge are a bit challenging, although the plan comes with a handy app and virtual support coach. The Daily 24-Day Challenge Guide has nearly 20 pages of how-to guides on how to get to know your products so you know which supplements fit each phase. A big part of this know-how process is understanding actual nutrition — what you can and can't eat, portion size, including the 24-Day Challenge Recipes, and most importantly, how much water you need. (Quite). I bet most people don't read the entire guide; Instead, they simply take the supplements and eat according to the meal plan guidelines.

24 Day Challenge Schedule [1]

During the first 10-day cleanse phase, use AdvoCare's Herbal Cleanse System, which includes the following

  • Capsules ProBiotic Restore
  • Herbal cleansing pills
  • spark (below)
  • AdvoCare Phases
  • AdvoCare Omega fatty acid blend for heart, cardiovascular, immune and nervous system health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are important in the diet, no question; They carry nutrients and, it is suggested, "help with weight management by supporting a healthy metabolism and providing and storing energy for the body".[1]The standout addition - or at least the one that many reviewers speak both positively and critically about - is Spark. It's essentially an energy drink with lots of caffeine, a range of vitamins and minerals, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) added to counteract the jitters that often accompany high doses of caffeine. These supplements, AdvoCare claims, will give you a "boost," helping with energy, mental focus, and alertness.[3][4]After Day 10, enter the Max phase and add two more supplements to control appetite, provide basic nutrition, and increase energy and strength. The appetite suppressant and energy booster comes from the Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS) supplement. You can choose from different strengths of this "higher appetite control" dietary supplement. They will also add meal replacement shakes. It is recommended that people include "companion" supplements to increase the effectiveness of the challenge.

  • The catalyst is an amino acid with L-Glutamine for muscle strength.
  • ThermoPlus speeds up metabolism and is another appetite suppressant.
  • Carb-Ease supposedly blocks carbohydrate absorption
  • ProBiotic Restore does exactly what the name says: maintain healthy gut bacteria.

All this is at least what AdvoCareExpectations. The 24-day challenge kit that comes with the Daily Guide, an herbal cleanse, a fiber blend, OmegaPlex, Spark, MNS supplement, and a box of meal replacement shake mixes. This costs about $200 or more on average. If you buy the suggested add-ons, they can go as high as $​​600. I'm not a supplement shopper so not sure if this is a deal or not but almost $600 for 24 day product hoping to lose 10lbs or more its not cheap - far from it.

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2023 24-Day Challenge Recap - Steal or is it worth a try? Here's why... (5)

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Ingredients for the 24 day challenge

The 24 Day Challenge website has a fairly comprehensive list of what they call "nutrients." But certainly caffeine is not a nutrient, and neither are artificial sweeteners. But let's look at two other ingredients in particular; one likely effective and one questionable. The probably good:

A study published in 2010Lipids in Health and DiseaseNewspaper discovers that LeptiCore canprotects against oxidative stress, supports healthy cardiovascular function, and promotes healthy weight control and metabolic well-being” and “has significant efficacy in weight loss in patients with metabolic syndrome”. [5]

Or maybe not:

L-Carnitine is a popular ingredient in energy drinks that are said to boost your metabolism greatly. Trouble is, we don't need it because our bodies already produce more than enough of it, unless of course you have a very specific metabolic condition and in that case you certainly wouldn't be gulping energy drinks but rather consult your doctor.[6]

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The science (or lack thereof) behind the 24-day challenge

Good luck finding objective independent scientific research on the 24 Day Challenge, although health experts who published it online advise people to avoid several of the ingredients found in AdvoCare supplements, including caffeine and sucralose. But, as mentioned in the LeptiCore ingredients section, science says it might work.[5]So-called “carb blockers” have not been able to prove any effect so far. The only effective way to prevent excess carbs from staying in your fat cells is to not eat the excess carbs in the first place.

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Word of the 24-day challenge has gotten out on the streets

It's important to reiterate thatAdvoCareis a multi-level marketing (MLM) business where sellers are paid with products and funds for the sales they generate, but also to attract others, leading to a hierarchy of distributors. Some MLMs have been accused of being similar to a pyramid scheme, but there are undoubtedly many successful and reputable MLM companies such as Mary Kay, Avon and Tupperware. AdvoCare claims the average earnings ofdistributors is $1429 per year, but if you take a look at the income statement, you can see how the math is skewed. I'm not a mathematician, far from it, but at the top you can see that from all distributors,72% earn nothingand it seems that when you look at the overwhelming and vast majority of active distributors, they make a lot less than almost $1,500 a year - more like around $500.[7]No matter if someone signs up as a distributor to make money, you can bet they will do their best to sell the product. This is the main problem with finding unbiased Advocare 24 Day Challenge reviews: There is a possibility that anonymous positive reviews may come from distributors. Additionally, there's no shortage of celebrity sports sponsors, all of whom from balers to trainers get paid.[8]I went to the Better Business Bureau to investigate complaints about the product, not the service. I also looked at comments onAmazonas.com(The problem with Amazon is that AdvoCare only supports products sold on their site, so reviews here can be risky too) andPissedConsumer.com. AdvoCare is not a BBB accredited company. That doesn't mean much by itself, but the number of complaints raises eyebrows, although most relate to issues with billing, refunds, and merchants. What caught my attention was AdvoCare's response to a customer who complained about the product and its side effects, but also the retailer they were ordering from. AdvoCare replied: "...it is difficult to monitor all ethical and unethical behaviors of all our distributors."[2]That pointed out this answer from "Brandon L." (2016) is interesting:

“I have been taking the products for over 2 months now and they are absolutely amazing. Not only do they work, but the people behind them are just as amazing. The individual distributors were extremely instructive and transparent. The company itself is excellent. Shipping was fast. The prices are very competitive. There is nothing to complain about. I actually signed up for the business page. That too was a wonderful experience. There are no large upfront costs. They have no minimum amounts or requirements. It's a breath of fresh air compared to experiences with network marketing companies. I learned the difference between an MLM and a direct selling company. Direct selling is not subject to the restrictions and requirements of an MLM. It all boils down to providing a product and letting people make money by sharing their stories and helping others use the product.”[9]

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Let's talk about the results of the 24 day challenge. Does it work or not?

Revision number 591414 inPissedConsumer.comIt's the most comprehensive I've seen of the 24-day challenge, because not only is the review itself extremely detailed and a well-written documentation of this user's experience, but it also includes 37 comments -- the most on the site -- and 62 "helpful" likes ; 20 people found it “not helpful”. Regardless, the anonymous ratings and comments offer what appears to be an honest look at the 24-day challenge, and it's not a pretty picture.[10]This is my very real and very OPEN review of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, Meal Replacement Shakes and Spark.

"I recently got drawn into Advocare because I personally know a few people who have taken it and, yes, they seem to have gotten results from it. ...I've been following it strictly for the last month and haven't lost a pound...or an inch...Let me start with the positive aspects of this diet...I've followed it with a lot of support and encouragement. That was cool. ... I'm giving up junk food, processed foods, etc. I've replaced all my food with REAL food. You know, fruits, vegetables, foods that only contain one or two ingredients, not a bunch of fillers, chemicals, andby-products. I started with the cleaning. I did exactly what I was told. ... and spark. Spark was great! The first day I got Spark I did a million things and didn't stop until midnight. And then I couldn't sleep. The rest of the cleaning was a nightmare. I have a throbbing headache every day. I'm so tired. Something is wrong with my body. I take Spark twice a day. Once in the morning and again at 2 p.m. It's unpredictable. Sometimes it works to give me that boost, other times I feel tired and have a headache. … Also, I have nausea in my stomach every day. I've had to go home from work 4 or 5 times early since I started Advocare. ...While all my friends lost those inches and showed pictures [sic] of their stretched jeans because they lost so much, here I feel like shit. I feel fatter than ever. ... Yes, I could very well have some health problems ... I will see my doctor ... BUT!!! And here's my BIG BUT (pun intended!) - look at the ingredients, y'all! I am not a doctor, nutritionist or nutritionist. But I know whatever's in that thing... it's not natural. Things I can't pronounce ... I sure fell for this trick ... all because I really wanted to lose weight. … Advocare was maybe the starting point I personally needed to take care of my body and health! However, in my opinion, this expensive product is not worth it. ..."[10]

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Conclusion on the 24-day challenge

Definitely not.Side effects:Headaches and severe gastrointestinal problemsare a big no. (Drink water and eat good food.) Unnecessary Supplements: We already know that L-carnitine is something we don't need to take since our bodies produce it. Why pay for it? Questionable Efficacy: Aside from LeptiCore, there are few ingredients that can support its claim. Also, it's incredibly expensive. Anything from $200 to almost $600 for the 24 day process is ridiculous. As usual, I suggest investing what you would spend on the 24 Day Challenge into something useful and beneficial to your health. How about a mini trampoline? Jumping is amazing for your health.[11]

4.9total score

AdvoCare 24-Tage-Challenge-Scorecard

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