15 DIY Racing Wheel Stand Projects You Can Easily Build (2023)

Here are some great DIY ideas that you can use to easily build a road bike stand yourself with little or no production costs. After going through some DIY wheel holder projects, we have compiled these 15 awesome DIY wheel holders that will improve your gaming experience.

Some of the projects are easy to do and should take less than a day, while others are a bit complicated. Choose wise! A well-built racing stable should be able to last for years without the need for replacement.

15 DIY Racing Wheel Stand Projects You Can Easily Build (1)

1. How to build a cheap road bike stand

You can make a cheap racing bike by following the tutorial in this video. The creator began by identifying the tools and materials needed for the project. You measured and attached five brackets to the base plate that will support the table legs. It's a fairly easy method if you have all the necessary equipment and materials.

2. DIY road bike stand

You can bring this road bike to a halt with your old car seat, some scrap wood and hardware. This guide will show you how to prepare your old seat and assemble it with the reel stand. This racing bike is very easy to assemble and the materials needed include wood, brackets, bolts, washers, nuts, screws, tape measure and a drill.

It is very simple and requires no experience to build. After watching the well-detailed video tutorial, you can make your own racing bike with ease. The wheel holder is very unique and amazing.

3. Homemade racing bike stand

In this video the tutor talked about how he built his racing bike, he gave all the details so you can use it in your project. He made the base plate out of a thin 2x2 footboard and the arms and sides out of 2x4 inch pieces. The bottom of the stand consisted of 4 2x3 inch foot pieces and 4 foot pieces. rubber feet. It's strong, cheap, and adjustable in height. It can be placed under a PC table, you just need to adjust the height and you're done. The only things that take up space are the controls, the bike and the sticks.

4. DIY road bike stand

15 DIY Racing Wheel Stand Projects You Can Easily Build (2)

(Video) Best DIY Sim Racing Rig For Under $35! (Budget Build w/ Plans)

You can build this modeled road bike using 2×4 inch pieces, MDF, and scrap plywood. Knowing the dimensions of the stand and measuring it is very important to ensure the wheel is at a suitable height.

In this guide, the first step is to make a test jig to ensure the dimensions are correct. The test device was made of MDF, plywood and scrap wood. He then explained how to use Pro/Engineer to create the modeling for the bracket (an output .dxf file) so that it can be printed by the CNC.

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5. DIY steering wheel stand

15 DIY Racing Wheel Stand Projects You Can Easily Build (3)

Creating a cutting list while working with wood or any other material that needs to be cut is very amazing and makes the job faster and easier. In this guide, after listing the materials and tools required, the next step is to create a cut list for the pieces of wood that will be used in the project. After that, the guide talked about the detailed steps on how to build this wooden wheel stand from scratch. It's very easy and cheap to make. Some of the materials used are pieces of wood, screws, hardware, tape measure, old car seat, drill and screwdriver.

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6. DIY adjustable road bike stand

15 DIY Racing Wheel Stand Projects You Can Easily Build (4)

(Video) How to Build Sim Racing Cockpit Works with Any Game/Console

These instructions contain a schematic representation of a wooden racing bike stand. The support is adjustable; it is built to fit whoever sits in front of it. Total cost to make is approximately $60, with an estimate of $20 for unused materials and $40 for other materials.

The first step according to this guide is to create the design of the base and the table. The base includes 2 x 2 inch side rails with 1 x 4 wedges in between, then 1 x 2 center rails and 1 x 4 bottom rails.

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7. Custom DIY steering wheel stand

This folding steering wheel stand is very stylish and strong. It was adapted for a steering wheel. It's comfy on the sofa and has a custom pedal cutout. The whole folding idea is to make sure it doesn't take up so much space every time it's used. All you have to do is set it up and fit the steering and footrest into the stand, and when you're done disassembling the wheelset and folding the stand.

8. Platform DIY Sim Racing with PVC

What do you hear about a PVC racing simulation platform? Strong, robust and light? The video started with making the PVC assembly for the stand. The creator takes his time building the PVC bracket, making sure each piece fits into the elbows and tees each week. The cost of making this mount is approximately $25. Some of the materials used include 2 inch PVC pipe, hacksaws, tape measures, markers and papers. The guide also includes links to where you can get all of these materials.

9. Cheap DIY gaming wheel stand

This is a low profile folding play bike. It's made out of plywood, 2×4 inch pieces, screws, and a miter saw. In this tutorial, the tutor started by drawing the template for the stand and then proceeded to build the base. .The game stand was installed in such a way that it is foldable.

10. Homemade PS2 wheel stand

Support projects for DIY road bikes

Building this wheel stand is simple and straightforward; It consists of two legs, two upper parts and a base plate. The structure has been joined with metal brackets and screws to give strength to the stand. The instructions show how easy and amazing it is to set up. It consists of pieces of wood, wood screws, steering wheel, pedal and parachute straps or clips.

(Video) 0$ DIY PLAYSEAT | Cheap Racing Wheel Stand - Easy and Quick

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11. Inexpensive DIY Bike Rack

15 DIY Racing Wheel Stand Projects You Can Easily Build (5)

You can build this mini sprocket stand out of PVC pipe and pieces of plywood. The guide started by gathering the materials needed to build the stand, then cut the PVC pipe into pieces and also cut the plywood.

Materials and tools used 10ft of 1.5" PVC pipe, 2 tees, 4 elbows, PVC cement, 2 bolts, 2 x 4ft ½" drywall screws, a drill and drill bit, step drill, hook and loop Tape, tape measure, a saw, clamps, paper, pencil

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12. DIY road bike stand

15 DIY Racing Wheel Stand Projects You Can Easily Build (6)

This rolling stand is designed for use with a sofa. It is foldable, which allows the sofa to be a play station and sometimes a sofa. When the game is over, the stand must be folded and the sofa remains a sofa, not a play station.

It is very easy and cheap to install and since it is detachable and can be folded and transported in places, it frees up more space.

(Video) $15 15-Minute DIY Racing Wheel Stand - Cheapest! Fastest! Easiest!

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13. How to make a wheel stand

Why spend a lot of money on something you can learn and do yourself? In this video tutorial you will learn how to make a simple wheel stand. The guide started by selecting the best and necessary materials needed to support the game wheel, then took the right measurements for the support and space before properly entering the building. The method he used was very simple and detailed enough for a beginner to understand.

14. DIY driving simulator platform

Although this requires some welding and metalworking skills or experience, it is a very easy device to set up. The instructions show the meticulous way to cut and weld the metal. The process started with cutting small plates of metal and sanding, then with a metal/electric grinder. Then the next process is to make the base assembly for the stand and weld the sides and top to the base.

15. Cheap homemade racing simulator

The video begins by identifying the materials needed to build the racing simulator; the vintage seat, the roll bar, the parking brake, the hoses, the homemade hose notch and the LOGITECH G29. The tutor then proceeded to cut and score the top of the metal rod where the base will be attached. Then he drilled holes in the old seat and assembled other parts.


These are the best DIY wheel holders you can see out there. They are amazing and include different ideas for different types of bikes and budgets. All you have to do is choose a favorite project, gather the requirements and start the building process. You would not regret it!



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